tonz.olracid's friends


Trying to work out all of my karma...


soon back in nanjing


wondering when can go swimming again.


hi everyone i have modeling job in nanjing 26-29 we need female models (actually need to work only two days) totally we gonna pay you 2100 yuan if anyone interested about this job contact me asap (this is my email send me ur pic) thanks.


i am hookah reseller.. different types of flavours.. any body interested can contact me.

mistikos parasite

is getting ready for the next phase


drinkin will continue until morale improves...


In a quest for a qualified FULL TIME hotel staffs. Need to find a diamond in a rough somewhere :D.


wonders why the "Spring" Festival is always the coldest part of the year.


Preparing for my trip to India next month -exciting!


I love the DIK, oh yeah, the DIK


penguin flavored rice tears


this cold better recover soon or I'm gonna kill myself!


Why do people fall in love and they end up crying? Why does loving sometimes never stay long?Someone's always saying goodbye,I believe it hurts when we cry,don't we know partings never so easy.


still in Germany...waiting for the next trip


Beautiful evening for a party at the 1865 complex tonight. Check out the event forum for details.


sooo many people get married this year....whyyyyyy


#) Beijing,Shanghai and NL soon !


in a relationship wid jess hella yeah yo tite ass booty dat speaks merican

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