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चला लक्ष्मीश्चला: प्राणाश्चलं जीवित-यौवनम् ।
चलाचले च संसारे धर्म एको हि निश्चलः ॥

"Wealth comes and goes, life and youth goes from the living, in this world of coming and going, 'dharma-(Religion)' alone is firm."


I am a Sri Lankan navy Officer presently in Nanjing.


Checkout riteshgaur.com (New photos) please leave comments, share on FB/Twitter if you like :)


exms over...project started


Beautiful evening for a party at the 1865 complex tonight. Check out the event forum for details.

mistikos parasite

is getting ready for the next phase

Jimmy Olsen

Plenty of major events in Nanjing this week, we will have a feature article (socialite guide part 2??) ready tomorrow, for your convenience.


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