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Explosion in nanjing....

  • Written by Anna Chen

when I heard about the explosion happened in nanjing today, I was pretty shocked. though I was not close to the site where it happened, I was not even in nanjing.
my classmates texted me the very moment they got the news, it was shocking, and sad, it is suspected that a gas leaking of the factory closed long time caused this tragedy. it is rumored that more than 100 people died. though, the news insisted to report that 8 people were killed and more than 50 are seriously injured.
I am confused why an abandended factory would cause such an incident, due to bad maintainence???
"the explosion was so powerful that cars and building 100 meters away were badly damaged." (Xin Hua News Agency)

there are many innocent people got killed today... like I said, one will never know what life has for you the next minute.
well, enjoy and value life, before you can.  :)
if there's really heaven up there, wish they find peace there. :)

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