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New Year's Eve, Dunkin Donuts and 'famous foreigner companies'

  • Written by Edward Watson

Looks like i'll be back in NJ for New Year's Eve - I've got holiday booked off work, I've got a room booked, I've got my train ticket from Suzhou to Nanjing for Thursday, I've mysteriously received a lot of money as an anonymous Christmas present and my New Year's Resolution is to get out and party more! Haven't got a definite plan - probably start off at Jimmy's for some pizza and warm-up drinks and then who knows where? All I can say is I'll probably end up getting ridiculously sh!tfaced, I'll wake up at 11am on New Years Day sleeping in a 24hour McDonalds with a mouthful of Big Mac and cigarette butts and I'll completely forget what happened the next day - but that's what New Year's all about right? Not that I'm an irresponsible drunkard but these things happen...

On a lighter note, 2 new American fast-food places have appeared in China - Dunkin Donuts has recently entered the market - not sure if Nanjing's got one yet but my local Auchan in Suzhou recently got one and it's just as good as anywhere else in the world and unlike many of these places, not ridiculously overpriced - donuts are around 5RMB each or 4 for 15RMB and coffee is also around the 15RMB mark. I popped in there after doing my weekly grocery run yesterday evening (around 8pm) for a couple of donuts and there was a healthy number of customers there so it could take off well in China.

Also, an ice-cream joint I came across about 4 years ago in the US called Coldstone Creamery, who sell very thick, sweet icecream that's far better and cheaper than Haagen Dazs has also popped up in China - I found one in Top Brands Mall in Pudong, Shanghai, and another by Jinji Lake in Suzhou. Like in the States it's very creamy and probably not too healthy, and the staff break into song every time someone leaves a tip! Unfortunately, as it's not a well-known brand to anyone outside the US, the Chinese will have never heard of it and will continue to go to Dairy Queen and Haagen Dazs as they are 'famous foreigner company' and alas when I went to Coldstone on a busy Saturday afternoon it was completely empty.

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