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Just to Clarify: I leave on Jan 31st

  • Written by Alanna

So much love and truly humbling responses have come from my last blog that I wanted to clarify that EVERY friday and saturday night until I leave I will be singing at Nail bar - that includes the 30th January - and enjoying the post-singing libations at Jimmy's Pizza 'till the wee hours.

Thank you to everyone who has posted such extraordinarily kind and flattering things about me, for possibly the first time in years I am stuck for words.

Before I leave on the 31st Jan I will be enjoying Christmas, New years, My Birthday and Anil's Birthday (22nd Jan), and I can only hope that everyone will join in the frivolities and general inebriation that such occasions call for!!!

All my love goes to those who have been supportive, kind and generous of their time and spirit.
I will be very sad to leave the extraordinary people, whom I am privileged to call friends, behind when I return to Oz, but I know that I will be richer and wiser for knowing them.

This is not my last farewell but a simple 'thank you' to those who have changed me in such a positive way.

I'll be here for another 5 weeks as of this posting date.  Every friday and Saturday singing at nail bar and, of course, letting one's hair down at Jimmy's afterward.


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