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The ultimate Chinese Hangover Cure - a breakfast fry-up for 3.5RMB

  • Written by Edward Watson

I was feeling a bit cranky after drinking too much Tsingtao Stout Beer (the one that's 6.7% vol) last night so my roommate decided to introduce me to the Chinese hangover cure - a Chinese-style fry-up.

From between 7:00am and 9:00am the street outside my apartment fills up with small vendors selling various breakfast snacks and I found one selling an interesting product. I don't know the name but I'll try and get a picture tomorrow so someone can tell me what it's called - it consists of a freshly-fried pancake which the vendor will fill with fried egg, bacon, cheese and lettuce and smother with tomato ketchup (I asked for HP sauce but she didn't have any) and is to put it simply - foocking delicious! And my full-English Breakfast pancake only cost me 3.5RMB! I've never come across this in Nanjing but I've seen a few places selling them in Suzhou - these vendors pop up early morning to serve the breakfast commuters and again in late-evening as some kind of midnight snack.

Unfortunately I was almost late for work as it wasn't a great on-the-go snack - trying to eat it and ride a motorbike at the same time proved to be impossible - but I've said it once and I'll say it again - fooking delicious!

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