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About Me

Basic Information

Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/09/1987
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
About me: I am the acting President for the Wokai Nanjing Junior Chapter. I invite all those interested in Wokai to email me with questions and inquiries at williambarrett87@gmail.com.

Wokai is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with offices in Oakland, California and Beijing China. Since launching our website in November 2008, Wokai has already raised over US$140,000 in contributed loan capital and empowered over 270 borrowers in China to start small businesses. Wokai has launched 2 Field Partners in Inner Mongolia and rural Sichuan and has built a global community of over 1,000 contributors, 6 flagship Chapters in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York, 150 volunteers worldwide, and a core team in Beijing and California. We have also received tremendous media success with features in Newsweek, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg Asia, CCTV, and Phoenix TV.

We rely on the support from donors like you as well as fundraising events, grants, corporate sponsorships and individual donors for funding, to cover our costs associated with Field Partner evaluation, monitoring and training, website development, and public outreach. We will eventually reach self-sufficiency through an optional 10% donation that donors can add when funding an entrepreneur's loan through our site.

For a detailed description of How Wokai works, please visit http://www.wokai.org/f/about/index.php?page=howitworks.

Contact Information

Mobile phone: 15861465434
Country: China
Website: www.wokai.org

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  • Hi, I came from Philippines. I will be here in Nanjing couple of months, and while I'm here would be great to meet some people, nationality is not a problem. Anybody can send me a friend request. Its my pleasure. Thanks!
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