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What If Both Men And Women Had Uteruses??

  • Written by mistikos parasite

Female life becomes complicated and sensitive from the time ova develops in the ovaries,reproduction begins here.At this point female life is taken to the next level by nature.We know that its a natural process and moreover a wonderful process that keeps the life going.But being a male when I was screening these through my mind along with the real life scenarios happening around me ranging from rape, pregnancy ending in abortions,pregnancy related deaths due to failure of timely medical intervention,single pregnant mother and more,I started wondering how far and deep has men understood women? other than being her husband ,boy friend or other possible relationships.
Recently I came across a twenty year old confused pregnant girl going in for an abortion because her partner ditched her. Is that for men fullfilling his sexual desires like making  instant noodles?whereas women have to undergo lot of psychological and physiological stress  right from the beginning they attain maturity because of the natural and social setup.This is where I think  as a male I am becoming unexplainable ..

What if both had uteruses and both had to share the chIld bearing process?by taking chances one at a time one child by the male and one by the female .If the creator had designed and made us like this would it have helped the males to understand the  divine female hood more better or helped to attain a respectful equality.Hello Nanjing "nu" rens what are you thinking? Help this male to conclude and help the world by providing your ideas to empower women.

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