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Flooding China-wide: Nanjing's Shanghai Lu submerged

  • Written by Jimmy Olsen

The first I heard about a deluge of water incoming was when HN user Keyser Soze posted in the forums about what he called 'Typhoon Conson', which, according to his news source, was due to hit Hainan (deep south China) on Friday July 23. 

However, according to the research I dug up myself, the typhoon is actually called Typhoon Chanthu. As reported by Al-Jazeera

Southern China has been hit by typhoon Chanthu, the second in less than a week, as the death toll from floods and landslides across the country climbed to nearly 300 this month alone.

Chanthu made landfall in Guangdong province on Thursday, with winds of up to 126 kilometres per hour.

Beyond Typhoon Chanthu, it seems that nationwide, China is suffering from some major flooding. As reported in an article in the Guardian:

Three-quarters of China's provinces have been hit by flooding and 25 rivers have seen record high water levels, causing the worst death toll in a decade, Liu Ning, general secretary of the government's flood prevention agency, told a news conference.

Here in Nanjing, HN's Frantastic just sent me these pictures from her iPhone, which were taken this evening (Thurs. June 22). Said Frantastic:

"I was having dinner in Talking 2 and I heard a sudden burst of heavy rain on the roof. Then, when I paid my bill and went outside, this is what I saw..."

She continued: "The water was waist-deep in parts, the students in the Xiyuan dorm were screaming, the Chinese shopkeepers were mostly beaming at the spectacle..."

Conclusion: for the next couple of days, make sure to carry an umbrella, and if you have rain boots, wear them!

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