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Word on the street: Dragon Boat weekend

  • Written by Jimmy Olsen
This weekend featured the 10th annual Sheraton Kingsley Dragon Boat challenge plus a couple of big parties at two new places to play in the city. Jimmy Olsen reports.
{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he 10th annual Sheraton Kingsley Dragon Boat challenge went down yesterday. For the second year in a row, the Sheraton came away with the winner's trophy, although Ford, Mazda and TipTop Real Estate gave strong showings as well.

In the Sheraton VIP tent, some glitches with the beer taps caused a few moments of grief, but the food was good and the crowd was lively.
The event was commentated – as usual – by Keith Gallinelli, although this will likely be his last – he's moving to Korea at the end of the month, to pursue new opportunities. Best of luck Keith!

2 new places to play

Later that night, the student district saw a couple of big crowds at two new places in town.

61 House

Last night, 61 House held their first major party, a 9-band rock show that, according to management, pulled in over 500 people. 

This bar is definitely one to keep your eye in, over the next few months. At present they're setting up a spacious patio (it should be ready in 2 weeks or so), and are also continuing to tinker with a food menu that is likely to be one of the main attractions here.

According to F&B manager Frank, in addition to tweaking the entree selection, they're playing around with different free munchies ideas for party nights (finger foods, mini sandwiches etc) and also making plans to offer a full spread of breakfast options, which will be served daily starting at 9am.

61 House has a couple of live music events coming up in the next month – keep your eye on the HN events page, for more information.

Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza is a new live house, lounge space and restaurant that just opened in the middle of the week. Last night, they hosted a couple of birthday parties (one being a pirate party) that drew a large crowd of revelers dressed as pirates, getting down to live music courtesy of Alex and friends.

A couple of HN users were there last night, you can check out their impressions of the place in the forum.
The space was in a bit of chaos last night – too many people plus a staff still getting used to procedures. However, this project (produced by the same people behind Don Quixote) also looks very promising – choice locaion, stylish interior, comfortable lounge seating, and an upper floor where diners and loungers can look in on the action below if they don't feel like getting into the mix.

Sancho Panza is located in the Wutaishan Sports complex. Walk up to the complex and walk up the stairs on your right, and you'll find the bar signs a few steps up.

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