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Breaking news: Chinese love muffins

  • Written by Jesus of Nazareth

If you walk east along Hangzhong Road towards Xinjiekou, you will see a KFC on your right hand side. 200 meters east of there is the Sheraton Hotel. On the opposite side of the street, there is a recently-opened muffin shop doing very brisk business.

Every time I walk by there, I see Chinese people buying dozens of these muffins at a time. All over the area, you will certainly see people walking around with huge bags stuffed full.

Of course I had to investigate. Two muffins cost me 1 kuai. They were still warm. Slightly sweet, sesame seeds on top, taste is like a traditional sponge cake made by mom.

This is unusual, because muffins are not something I associate with Chinese people, and the allure of these simple sponge cake muffins baffles me – they're good, nowhere close to great, and I'll bet once they are no longer warm, they will taste less than good.

That's my review. If you happen by this shop, give them a taste, and let me know what you think.

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