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Warming up to Nanjing after a while

  • Written by David Schoonewolff

Hello, everyone!

I came to Nanjing a few months  ago. Nine to be exact. I came here for work purposes.

I have to say, though, that I did not quite care for this town at the beginning. I complained a lot all of the time: "The weather is too cold", "the weather is too hot", "it's too dirty", "it's too clean", "nobody loves me", "I hate this job", "I love my job". I was so annoying, even to myself. However, I also felt that people were not too open or friendly. But again, maybe it was me. Maybe I'm too shy, too serious, too into myself, too much of a jerk/bitch, too introverted.  See, I used to live near Guangzhou in Guangdong province and life was easier for me in that aspect. Over there I could make friends much more easily. Maybe the change of place affected me, since I thought I was going to find the same kind of scene here.

Anyways, whatever I felt or thought does not matter much nowadays. I am trying to be more open-minded about Nanjing, its places, its hot joints, even the food (although you still cannot make me eat that dreaded duck blood soup). I am trying to get out more and find out and learn about this place that opened the doors to me when I needed it the most. I am trying to rediscover Nanjing with the same passion like when I came to China, now a good two years back.
I hope I can actually make friends and get to have 'a life' and share my ideas, thoughts and impressions about this town. I live too far from the city, but I don't mind it at all since making new friends is always worth the commute.

Hope to meet y'all soon.

David aka DJWolff

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