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Nanjing news roundup: April 5

  • Written by Jimmy Olsen
This week's roundup features April Fool's shenanigans, anti-terror drills, a recycled cooking oil raid, an attempted blackmail using racy video footage and loads more. Click 'read more' to access the report.

Public Security troops perform anti-terror drill

In the wake of the Moscow subway bombing, Nanjing's Public Security Bureau, armed police, fire and other units jointly held an anti-terror joint drill rehearsal on March 30th at the Olympic Center subway station.

Performing a mock bomb attack, an anti-terrorism emergency response team rushed to the site, defused the 'bomb', evacuated people, and then captured the terrorists.

According to officials, several more anti-terror exercises will be conducted in the future. – original story

Attempted blackmail of ex-lover leads to arrest

A man was charged last week of using racy video footage to attempt to blackmail his ex-girlfriend.

College student Wei Chen dated Xiao Li for several months, and she often let him record their intimate moments on his cell phone video camera.

Unfortunately, the pair soon split. A few months later, Wei Chen found himself short of cash. Remembering that Xiao Li came from a wealthy family, he texted her the following: ""I'm short of money, give me 20,000 RMB, or the passion I recorded on video will be sent to the Internet to make you famous overnight!"

Xiao Li agreed to his demands and set up a meeting at a local tea house. There, she showed up with her parents, who seized the boy and dragged him to the police station.

Chen Wei was charged with extortion. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to imprisonment of between six months to one year.

original story

Defensive man injures mom in cable TV spat

A man accused of cutting his neighbor's cable TV wire got into a confrontation that ended with him slashing the arm of his mother, leading to the recent processing of the case by the Pukou District Prosecutor's Office.

According to the case report, on August 31 2009, a man named Zhang returned in the evening from his factory job, turned on the TV, and found no signal. The next morning,  there was still no signal. Puzzled, he went outside and found that his cable wire had been cut. Suspecting his neighbor (surname Tang), he grabbed a spade and went over to vent.

Mr. Tang refused to yield. Mr. Zhang raised his spade and threatened to strike. Finding himself at a disadvantage, Mr. Tang grabbed a pair of garden shears for defense. At that point. Mr. Tang's mother rushed into the melee, and Mr. Tang accidentally slashed her on the head. Fortunately her injuries were minor.

During court proceedings, Mr. Tang was accused of intentional assault.

original story

Pervert tries to gas long-haired beauties

In a case that has baffled the cops, a man has been accused of stalking and then gassing the homes of beautiful women with long hair, but the motive for his attacks remain unclear.

On March 28, a long-haired beauty called the police after being followed by a suspicious man. Police rushed to the scene and arrested him. After questioning, they discovered that the man regularly stalked beautiful women with long hair, followed them to their homes, and then would insert liquid gas into their homes (via a tube slipped under the door) in an attempt to knock them out.

During questioning, the man told police told police that he performed his gas stunt because he particularly liked the women: "They are all kinds of beautiful: tall, white, wearing a shawl..." One officer commented that as he spoke, saliva dripped out of his mouth.

Police remain dumbfounded by the man's motives, and the investigation continues...

original story

Gambling debt leads to wild taxi chase

On February 23, a group of young men got into a taxi and then involved the driver in a wild chase that ended with an axe attack caused by a gambling debt dispute.

According to the driver Mr. Zhou, a group of young men got into his taxi and asked him to drive away quickly. Two cars gave chase, and then one surged in front and cut the taxi off. The driver and two of the passengers jumped out of the taxi and hid underneath while one of the passengers attempted to flee on foot. He was chased down by two people, one of whom wielded an axe, and was forced to jump into a river to protect himself.

The taxi driver called police, who rushed to the scene and chased down the assailants. After an investigation, they discovered that the dispute was over a gambling debt. The two sides had attempted to negotiate, but talks broke down and one side decided to resort to violence.

original story

April Fools shenanigans rife throughout the city

Longhu News' publicity department has appealed to the public to pull pranks with consideration next year after a number of April Fool's pranks this year caused unfortunate inconveniences for many citizens.

Every year, the Wuxi City Mental Health center receives a number of calls from people who have been given their number and told to ring them as a joke. One man told reporters that he received the following text: "I need to speak with you, it is urgent, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx." When he called, he heard a recorded female voice: "This is the Wuxi City Mental Health Center. For patient inquiries please press 1..."

Such phone calls are not only inconvenient for the health center staff, but they also contribute to further misunderstandings.

For example, On April 1 at 9am, a man crashed his motorbike and suffered from torn lips and broken teeth. Unable to ring friends himself, a policeman used his phone and tried to contact the man's friends to tell them he was in the hospital. However, the first person the officer rang said: "Ha ha, today is April Fool's, I have had so many preank calls today, nice try!"

According to experts, April Fools pranks should be for the purpose of joy, but not to intentionally violate ethics and disturb public order...The officer went through a few numbers and finally got the injured man's sister on the phone. At first she thought the call was a prank as well, until she heard sirens in the background, at which point she 'burst into tears.'

In another unfortunate incident, office worker Ms. Chen found a jar of candy on her desk. When she went to open the lid, she suffered an electric shock. Her hand became numb from the shock and she was not happy at all.

According to experts, April Fools pranks should be for the purpose of joy, but not to intentionally violate ethics and to disturb public order. If pranks cross the line, in many cases the initiator will have to bear relevant legal responsibilities.

original story

Ketamine drug ring busted

Thirteen young people were charged last week after police busted a ketamine selling scheme suspected of being the largest operation in Jiangsu Province.

One of the ringleaders of the operation (pseudonym Geng Jian) racked up a 1.8 million RMB gambling debt, which led him into the seedy world of drug dealing.

During court proceedings, he admitted that after accumulating his debt during the 2008 Spring Festival, his creditors kept him in a dark room for several days without any food or drink. Penniless, he turned to selling drugs to better his condition.

He recalled that many students in higher vocational school used ketamine. He hooked up with a few other miscreants and got to work. They rented apartments, purchased raw materials and processing equipment and began to produce the drug.

When police raided one of their dens, they found more than 60kg of ketamine ready for sale, the largest amount ever seized in Jiangsu Province.

original story

Pregnant woman climbs a tree in protest

A pregnant woman accused of selling fake monosodium glutamate had her bank cards confiscated by police, leading her to climb a tree outside the station in protest.

Originally charged on March 20 and granted bail, the woman returned to the police station on March 30, where officers confiscated her ATM card for investigation. An argument broke out, and she was forcibly removed from the station. Infuriated, she then climbed a tree and began to wail: "On what basis did the police beat me?"

Ten minutes later, a team of firefighters arrived, but because of power lines surrounding the tree, they deemed it too dangerous to climb up after her.

Three hours later, officers promised to show the woman surveillance video from inside the station in the presence of reporters, which was finally enough to coax her down.

The woman claims that she was framed, she did not know the MSG was fake, and that by confiscating her ATM cards, she was unable to eat. The case is currently being processed.

original story

Police raid restaurants seeking recycled oil, none found

On April 3, police raided 10 restaurants in the 'southern vegetable market' area and found in all cases that authentic non-recycled oil was being used.

One shop owner told reporters that most of his peers are against the idea of using recycled oil. ""That stuff is too harmful, we rely on repeat customers, so we do not do that wicked thing of using recycled oil."

Officers told reporters that in order to assuage public fears, business operators should buy all of their oil from legitimate supermarkets and hold on to their receipts, in case of spot checks in the future.

original story

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