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Awesome sendoff

  • Written by Alanna

Thank you to everyone who came to Nail bar on Friday and Saturday night to see my last two shows. I could not have asked for a better sendoff.
Both nights were fantastic fun and had great crowds, I was fortunate to have been able to see an awful lot of the people in Nanjing who have made a deep impression on me and I was able to say goodbye.
There were many people I did not get a chance to see. I hope someday we'll all meet again.

I am, as I write, downloading the footage of my last night in Nanjing and I must thank Leo for being good enough to arm the camera and capture the last set of the evening, it worked out much better than the first set and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Also, thanks to Brendon for  the 4 minute cleavage commentary and to Hamish and Craig Berry for their Stagnant Pond performance! I have always wanted to have those soulful ditties to listen to whenever I wish, and now I can enjoy 'The 10%', 'I don't want to be a Tepanyaki Chef', 'Half a Bottle of Baijio Baby' and the rest whenever I please. Cheers lads.

As for the gig itself, I have to thank Kerri for her fantastic performances. We did at duet on route 66 and Kerri sang the classic from Porgy and Bess, 'Summertime', solo and she did a fantastic job. Apologies to Fran - you know, I hope, that it was unintentional. That will remain with me for as long as I perform as a lesson in careless perfomance. I think you are awesome and I am so glad you were able to take it with good grace and accept my apology. I cringe when I think of it!
I also cringe when I watch the footage from Jimmy's. As Craig Berry suggested it shall go into the 'Watch Later Vault', alongside the New Years Eve footage, as something to view when I need the motivation to give up drinking!!!
I am glad I have it, though. Priceless memories that would have otherwise been lost with the braincells that were killed off!

I have just woken up from a 14 hour sleep after getting home last night. My parents made one of their typically lavish and phenomenal dinners - ginger and lime BBQ'd king prawns on skewers; tomato bocconcini and fresh basil salad; and Australian scotch fillet, BBq'd, served on a ciabatta slice slow cooked with pheasant farm pate, covered in madeira and mushroom gravy. Followed by peach Melba and mum's home made amaretto ice cream. Yes, I am bragging but, I hope, also convincing some of you to come for a visit to Oz as it will be a while before I can come for a visit back to Nanjing. Definitely when not if.

As I sit on the verandah in the middle of nowheresville, Australia, I am filled with an extraordinary sense of calm that I have not had in quite a while. Calm never occurs in the middle of an adventure, and that is what my time in China was to me - A mad, whirlwind rollercoaster adventure.
I did most of the things I had planned to do in China with the notable exception of not travelling to Lashan; and I did things I never thought I would do like sing Italian opera at 798 in Beijing for China's inaugural biennale and have a regular gig at a jazz club. The whole experience just blows my tiny little brain!

I will be checking up, using Hello Nanjing and good ol' fashined email, on the activities and fun that is being had, but as I am no longer there I will not be writing any more blogs as they aren't relevant to Nanjing and this site is, after all, Hello Nanjing. If I don't already have your email and you'd like to keep in touch then send me a message through here.

So, goodbye
auf weidersehen
до свидания

live long and prosper
Ka Plah!
So long and thanks for all the fish.

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