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Chinese men and handbags

  • Written by Lenny

I've been in China for nearly 5 years but still can't get over seeing men carrying their girlfriend's or wive's handbags and purses for them. I have a Chinese wife and lucky for me she thinks that it looks stupid when guys carry women's bags so have been spared this embarrassment but recently while shopping with some friends saw this Chinese habit taken to the next level.

In the Gucci store in the Orient Department shopping mall there we were looking at bags and purses. The wife was looking at and trying on the latest stock, posing and turning in front of the full length mirror so she could see what the bag looked like from every angle. She had tried on and looked at about 8 different bags but still couldn't decide which one to buy when she suddenly had a brainwave and called her husband (my unsuspecting friend) to come over for HIM to try the bags on. When he asked her "What for?", she replied, "Well... the bag actually needs to look good on YOU, not me, because you will be the one carrying it around!"

I thought to myself... you poor poor man as I watched him try on bag after bag. They eventually settled on a shiny black one which, I must admit, didn't look too bad :) I suppose if there is a positive to this, when he's out shopping with his wife  he'll be the envy of all the other handbag carrying men standing around waiting for their wives too :)

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