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Big Cracks of TaiPingMen City Wall

  • Written by RongRong


A local Naning citizen took a picture of the cracks of TaiPingMen city wall which has been standing for 600 years. People are worried that it's not long before the city wall collapses. '' The crack is not that big. There are bigger ones somewhere else. We need to apply for outlay first. Thank you for telling me,' a supervisor in Nanjing City wall Management office said yesterday, and the reporter got stunned by hearing that.


comments on xici(a Nanjingnese BBS discussion forum)



the cracks are like mouths opening widely, asking for help.


Oh, I thought that was Google Map.


It's national treasure that we need to protect.


Why don't you use some glue????


I'm so scared to walk anywhere near that.


Glue is a good idea. They 'glued' HanZhongMen Bridge, why not citywall?


People are too sensitive these days...


Emperor ZhuYanZhang(who built it) would have been brought alive by such damage and ignorance.


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