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Get your knocks off somewhere else

  • Written by Stoney Creak


There is a thread in the forums that is about finding a quality knockoff market in Nanjing. Based on the advice in that thread, I headed off to find that which I desire.

My plan was to find a nice Goretex jacket for myself. It's bloody cold these days, and my nice leather coat is simply not cutting it. So, off I went. First stop was Xinmofan Station.

After a bit of knocking about in the wrong direction, I finally figured out how to find this magical market. What you do is get out at Xinmofan Station exit #2. That will take you to Zhongyang Road. Turn left and walk straight. After three blocks, you will see the knockoff market (see the picture).

Along the way, there are a number of small shops selling what appear to be knockoff jackets... exactly what I was looking for. I asked the lady in this shop the price of the jackets. 250 RMB. I said 'xie xie' and started to walk off. She laughed, and told me that I was supposed to haggle with her. No time for haggling, luv, Stoney is doing a story!

Well, I kept walking. These bloody jackets were in every shop. I saw an old Chinese lady trying one on... can you say ubiquitous? Not for me, mate, I'll stick with my leathers, then.

A few blocks down the road, I finally came to the market. I can't read Chinese, so I don't know the name of the shop. Anyway, when I went inside, I discovered that it's not a knockoff market at all, but rather a factory outlet.

There are outlet shops for Nike, Addidas, Puma, and so on. If you are looking for shoes, I guess this is a good bet, but if you ask me, the prices are ok but not superior.

For example, these boots are a fairly mild 916rmb... has Goretex, quality soles, the works. But in a proper knockoff market, I wouldn't pay more than 300 rmb for these.

The shop has 3 floors, most of them with the same kind of thing: boots, outdoor gear, more Goretex jackets (sigh), and so on. I found one place selling some rancid looking levis jeans... 850rmb per pair. The cheek!

The girl in the levis booth identified me as a man with superior tastes. She suggested I check out the 3rd floor, which had plenty of mens fashions. Ok, I will check...

Well, on the 3rd floor, there certainly was a lot of clothing for men, but essentially the styles were like these: probably suitable for Chinese grandfathers? This rubbish was selling for 150rmb apiece.

I thanked the girl for the intel, and she started to laugh. "Silly laowai, you are supposed to haggle."

Indeed, if you are looking to spend some of your hard earned money, I conclude that you will also be a silly laowai, if you spend that money here. You can do better, so I recommend that you give this place a pass.

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