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Nanjing Xmas gifts for home & family

  • Written by RongRong
Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for many people, and finding unique, high quality gifts in Nanjing can be a chore. RongRong Wang makes it easier with a complete report containing gift ideas, shop locations, and special discounts. {xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}ne of the things that makes Christmas special is the spirit of giving. As children, we can’t wait for Christmas morning to open presents. As adults we think in terms of giving. But, basically, the idea of Christmas gifts is to show love. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your Nanjing Christmas shopping adventure.

Albums and calendars

I have a few photo albums that I cherish, filled with pictures of family and friends. For me, it is a great trip down memory lane that reaps the rewards of all those good times from the past. Of course these days we use digital cameras, but printing these out are a snap, so even in the digital age, a photo album will yield much appreciation.

You can just buy a "pre-made" album, which you throw a whole mass of photos into. I found these albums at the Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore (先锋书店,广州路) on GuangZhou Lu (near Paulaner Beer Garden), but most big markets and stationery shops sell photo albums. Price rage is from 50rmb to 300rmb or more.

Calendars make great gifts for co-workers. Day calendars for the desk work very well. Pick a theme that your co-worker would enjoy. There are an endless variety of themes to choose from, so you should find one to suit every single co-worker on your gift list. They are great for kids too. Just pick a kid-friendly design or a calendar showcasing their favourite cartoon character. Usually, you can find a good selection of calendars in XinHua Bookstore(新华书店)and Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore (先锋书店) on GuangZhou Lu (near Paulaner Beer Garden), price rage is from 80rmb to a few hundreds.

Living Story: gifts for the home

While Ikea stocks a good selection of housewares and knick-knacks, an excellent local alternative is Living Story (欧洲生活馆,上海路173号), located on ShangHai Lu (near Skyways). Here is a quick look at what they have on offer:

Clocks: a wall clock is something that everyone should have on you kitchen wall. If the right one is chosen it will be greatly appreciated thanks to the fact that they are so useful and never go out of fashion. These two models in the picture cost 540 RMB each.

Art: oil paintings are increasing in popularity in China, and they can serve as decorative ideas that shout "I love you" in any room in the home. Living story has a good selection of paintings on offer, prices range from 112 RMB to 638 RMB. However, all paintings will be 50% off for all HelloNanjing readers until December 31, please see the special offer details in the green box.

Kitchenware: the kitchen is a great room to start when contemplating gifts. We all spend such a large amount of time in this, the heart of the home. Whether cooking, eating or simply 'hanging out' with family and friends. Spend a little more and you can buy something stylish and 'special'. Even small items such as salt and pepper shakers or egg cups can be bought as gifts because there are so many fabulous designs to choose from.

Of course Ikea has some great stuff and a huge selection. For example, a good potato ricer costs 45 RMB. One item that caught my eye at Living Story was a set of Indian silver candleholders, price was 400 RMB.


The biggest toy shop in Nanjing is the ‘Toys R us’ in the Deji Plaza in Xinjiekou(新街口德基广场). As you might expect, they offer very good quality and a massive selection.

Fashion accessories

You already know that women love accessories like purses, belts, watches, jewellery and shoes. Fur scarves are another type of accessory but it's useful, too. Women want to feel good about their clothes because they feel good in their clothes. And fur scarves give a perfect furnish to their clothing and add sparks to the way they look.

There is a shop named Mouton (梦通皮草专卖,龙江新城市广场负一楼) Fur Shop in New City Mall B1 in LongJiang area. A lot of stuff are on sale in the shop. 100rmb for a fur scarf is quite reasonable. There are fur hats, cushions and coats as well.

There is also a shop in TaoTaoXiang shopping area(新街口金鹰大酒楼淘淘巷二期精品街区)second floor selling fur clothes.


Pearls are very special fruits of the earth as they result from an oyster’s subtle, yet very effective defence mechanism. The very complicated process in creating pearls can very well reflect the sophistication of a girl turning into a woman as layers of knowledge, maturity, and sensibility are painted on her personality.

Most shopping malls in city centre have pearl section such as Golden Eagle. But why do we need to spend a lot more on the same thing? There is a pearl shop in TaoTaoXiang shopping area(新街口金鹰大酒楼淘淘巷二期精品街区), it’s a place like Fashion Lady, on the second floor, just 2 steps away from Burger King in Xinjiekou. You can buy a pair of pearl earrings there for 80 RMB, and a necklace for 400 RMB.

Gift baskets

Giving a gift basket for Christmas can be one of the nicest experiences for you and the recipient. There is something for everyone: tasteful wine baskets and fabulous cheese baskets; heavenly thank you baskets for a friend or co-worker, snack baskets with assorted choice nuts, bakery baskets with melt in your mouth cookies and cakes, as well as chocolate baskets with little bears tucked inside for that added special loving touch. No matter what your budget or who is on your list, you’ll find a gift basket that will make someone feel very special.

You can find lovely Gift baskets in the JingLing Hotel Lobby, where you can mix your own baskets with cookies, wine, chocolates, cakes, etc. The price really depends on what you pick, generally you can expect to pay between 200 RMB to 600 RMB. Skyways also offers a nice selection of stuff that you can assemble into a basket.

Gift certificates

The gift certificate from a local spa is a present in itself. Many spas offer a la carte services and also packages. In my opinion, services like massages, pedicures, and facials are wonderful ideas for the gift certificate (including a Christmas card with the gift certificate is a special touch).

The Pollynice SPA Beauty Salon (JingLing Hotel Shopping Centre 4th Floor, opposite to Deji Plaza, Xinjiekou) provides a 120rmb Massage Gift Certificate (15% off if 10 or above certificates purchased), as well as a Salon Gift Voucher available. The vouchers are presented in card form, you can top up whatever amount you want as a gift.


Nobody can say no to traditional Christmas food. If you really don’t know what to buy, check out Skyways selection – it's one of the best in town. Alternatively, Times Grocery usually has uncooked turkeys in stock, although (like most Christmas foods) they are not cheap.

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