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Death of an ESL teacher: swine flu subway blues

  • Written by Butters Rand

Well I'm in a bad situation. I got a job in Xinjiekou, and my school set me up with an apartment within walking distance of the school. But I guess business isn't going so well, because they've started farming me out, to another school, that's really far away – on the very last line, at Olympic Stadium.

I'm from a small town, and I've only ever taken subways as a tourist attraction. But now, every Tuesday, I have to get on the subway and ride it all the way to Olympic Stadium. The air in those cars is thick and warm and dank. People are sneezing and coughing all over the place. I took this picture for proof!

Swine flu is passed by coughing and droplets that come out of a sick person's nose. My parents are really worried, because I wasn't supposed to be taking the train for my work, but now, if I don't go to Olympic Stadium, I will get fired. However, if I do go, I might catch swine flu. Then, I'll end up in the hospital, and I'll get fired anyway, because the mothers of the kids in the B2 junior class are fierce if the teacher is not there! There is no way to win!


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