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Preview: Nanjing Halloween 2009

  • Written by Nemesis Rox
HelloNanjing has been tracking Halloween party development for the past month. As a special preview for those planning to hit the streets for boozy costumed fun this Saturday is the following pre-party report.


Word on the street is that the majority of punters planning to attend festivities this year will be doing so with costumes. For those generally too stodgy for costumes (count HelloNanjing among them), our advice is: you’ll look like more of a tool if you don’t wear a costume than if you do. If you haven’t organized something yet, Fuzi Miao is where you’ll find the motherload, but there are a lot of other options as well.

Tip: for those too lazy to organize something proper, several parties this year are offering prizes for not only the best, but also the worst costumes. When we think ‘worst costume’, we’re thinking something lame, which screams ‘I don’t have my shit together, and can’t figure my way out of an open box’. For example:
  • Ghetto superman: put on a pair of underwear over your pants, and then use a towel as a cape.
  • Garbage bag loser: cut holes in a garbage bag, wear it as a shirt, and then scotch tape an internet classic pic (ie David Hasselhoff in a speedo) onto your chest.
  • Lipstick pyro: the easiest of the bunch – just draw a few lines on your face with lipstick, and then tell people that you are a burn victim.
  • Booby boy: another easy one, for the lads. Borrow a bra from your ayi, stuff it with tissues, and then go as Chesty Morgan.
  • Huge cock: the reverse of ‘booby boy’, for the ladies. Stuff a sock down your pants, and then tell every man who asks that you are dressed as a prison inmate with a massive rectum-tearing penis.
Looking for a proper costume? Here's a list of places in Nanjing selling costume gear this year. If you're looking for costume ideas, here are 8 unusual costume ideas.

Party expectations

In total, we’ve been tracking party developments at Jimmy’s, Studio 21, Blue Sky, Nail Bar, and Danny's. Each of these places is offering the same general stuff: drinks specials, costume prizes, and party games.

Top 3 picks:

Jimmy’s: The biggest party of the night, in our estimation, is going to be at Jimmy’s. For those not in the know, Jimmy’s is one of the most popular expat hangouts in the city, but they closed down on September 8, in order to relocate. Unfortunately, the new place required some heavy construction. Fortunately, Jimmy has kept his eye firmly on a Halloween reopening, and thus had his workers doing double time, in order to make the deadline. Long story short: Jimmy’s reopens tomorrow (Fri. Oct. 30), in a kinda sorta ‘soft opening’ – one day before what will likely be the biggest Halloween party in the city.

Studio 21: Studio 21, with perhaps the slickest ‘party production’ crew of them all, boasts not only this year’s best Halloween flier, but also the most intriguing party. Among the highlights: a ‘Russian horror rock band’, a ‘warm blooded vampire’, and ‘vampire snacks a gogo’.

Blue Sky: always a sure-fire bet for a big crowd on party nights, Laurence Harris has a big one planned, with one of the highlights being a ‘buy 2 Duvels get one free’ special. HelloNanjing spoke to Laurence the other night: he’s confident that they will be hosting a big crowd of Blue Sky regulars and newbies alike. Wild Card: all drunken roads on Saturday night lead to Castle Bar, so you can expect a big, sloppily drunk crowd in there, any time after 1am.

DIY bar crawl?

While nobody has stepped up and organized an official Halloween bar crawl, the pieces are certainly in place. Check out our Sheraton area expedition slideshow, if you want to get together with some mates and do a bar crawl of your own.

Hellonanjing recommendation: start off with a couple of drinks in Danny’s, move on over to Nail Bar, and then pop over to the Sunglow Bay complex to float between the Studio 21 party and Jimmy’s.

Security: the last time a big party was held in the Sunglow Bay area, a bit of violence went down, and no one was prepared to deal with it. This time around, with hundreds of drunks expected, the Sunglow Bay crew are prepared. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see some hired muscle lurking through the crowds, looking to beat the shit out of trouble-making miscreants.

Conclusion: keep it positive, stay safe, and have a great time!

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