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A chat with Maximilian Hecker

  • Written by Bjoern
altMaximilian Hecker played a show at the CD Pub last night to a packed audience of adoring fans. Prior to his performance, Bjoern spoke with him about the ideas behind his art. Maximilian Hecker played a show at the CD Pub last night to a packed audience of adoring fans. Prior to his performance, Bjoern of Laoweyes.com spoke with him about the ideas behind his art.

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4月24日,Maximilian Hecker来到南京,晚上在CD Pub做现场演出。在演出前,我们网站的Bjoern对他进行了采访。

在交谈中,Maximilian Hecker表示自己并不是拿音乐做娱乐,对于他来说演唱会是否成功取决于自己能完全放松并融在其中,这也是为什么他在正式开始之前15分钟就已经在弹奏的原因。有点像酒吧的表演,不会因为人来人去而受影响,也不会过去关注听众的反应,而是全身心投入。

Maximilian Hecker在亚洲做了很多演出,他觉得中国的观众和意大利的比较接近,有时会隐藏自己的情感。虽然在亚洲做了非常多的演出,但是这不会影响到他的音乐风格。

A packed audience of adoring fans: 口语中经常用packed表示多,拥挤或者厚。

Let them out: 宣泄自己,不去隐藏。

Not that much: 这是个非常地道的口语,表示有一点但不多。

Self-destructive process: 这里可以理解为自我否定的过程,在有不同理念冲击的时候找回自我。


alt Bjoern: Music is considered to be an universal language, what is the message you want to tell us?

Maximilian Hecker: In principle nothing, I don't see myself as an entertainer. Music is a method for me to meditate and relax. That people come to my concerts to listen to it is nice but it's not part of my meditation.

I don't see myself as an entertainer. A concert is successful for me if i am able to relax. That's also why I start to play 15min before the concert officially starts, there is no real beginning of my concerts and the narcissistic problematic is reduced.

There is no moment when i sit down and start to play, i am already playing. It's kind of a bar-musician style that constantly plays unaffected by the people coming and leaving the place. I am also not very much affected by the reactions of the people for me its important if i get into that meditative mood or not.

alt B: You have had a lot of tours in Asia, is there a special reason behind this?

MH: I was discovered by some Asian labels that include western acts in their tour programs.

I think my music is somehow very compatible to Asian people. I am showing my emotions, I show that i am vulnerable, a behaviour that is not really usual in Asia as people hide their emotions. But during the concert they identify themselves with the emotions transported and they also let them out.

B: Are there differences between Chinese fans and fans from western countries?

MH: Not that much, they are more open to new things and they are more willing to flow with what i am doing. In Europe people are usually more conservative and they also discuss more about the how and why as here. In Europe the Italian fans are the closest to the Chinese people.

altB: Do these tours in Asia influence your music?

MH: Not that much, of course there are always influences but it's more connected to specific experiences. I had an encounter with a girl in Japan that lead to the song 'Nana' – a moment when i realised that we can never be in the same room, the same culture.

But the development of my music is more a personal movement. I recorded my new album at home, something that you would not do normally. It's kind of a self-destructive process but it leads me back to myself and it helps me to find myself.

B: Did you have a chance to look around Nanjing?

MH: Unfortunately not, just during the ride with the taxi to the venue, i have 11 concerts and 4 autographs sessions. Tomorrow i will go to Suzhou so time is quite limited. During the whole tour there are only 2 days off.
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