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Dating with Caucasian guy is bit frustrating here in Nanjing

  • Written by ? Dinosaur :-)

Hi guys & girls

I new here, but there is something in my guts I have to let it out. Dating with Caucasian guy is bit frustrating here in Nanjing. I am a Chinese guy; everywhere we go in public will attract lots attention from the crowd especially from Chinese girls.

We went out the other day there was a Chinese girl pop out from nowhere handed a rose flower to my Caucasian guy and said “this is for you”! hummm, how sweet! But actually her sacred hell lot of us. I was there too but there is no rose for me?! I am feeling so bad that I did not wearing white skin in public in Nanjing.

Well, even in ShangHai where described the most xenophilia city on earth by most Chinese did not have anyone dare to steal my date in front of my bright eyes! What is wrong with you Nanjing women?! Leave gay laowais alone I am sure there are tons of white straight guys want to get you laid if you go to bars. What you are doing on street is encouraging some of them (unstable ones) become sluttier. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, when you see a Chinese guy walk around with a foreign guy on street!

 Leave them alone! WE ARE GAY! Jesus Christ! Learn to control yourselves women!!

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