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Home Caught Relocation Service

4F, 669 Zhujiang Lu

Home Caught Relocation Service

Supplies many a multinational firm with home search and rental services plus bus fleet solutions. Clients include BASF, IVECO, Ericsson, Philips, Fiat, Bosch, Siemens, Carrefour, Ouchan, Dyson, Brembo DSM, BP, Saint-Gobain, DyStar, and Arc.

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Chinese name昊鸿房地产咨询顾问有限公司
Chinese address珠江路 669 号4F

Nanjing professional agency specialized in property lea...

E, 26th Floor Goldenwheel Building, 108 Hanzhong Road, Gulou District, Nanjing

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Chinese name南京专业涉外租赁管理咨询公司
Chinese address汉中路8号26楼e座
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LIT language service provider

88 Yunlongshan road

LIT language service provider

LIT language service provider was founded in 1998 and has over 20 branches across China.

We provide linguistic services such as localization, notary and law translation, patient translation, DTP, technical writing and interpreting.

With a team of 120 in-house translators and freelancers we offer translation between:


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Chinese name学府翻译有限公司
Chinese address南京市建邺区云龙山路88号烽火科技大厦B座10楼

Trillion Real Estate

Room 417 Golden Wheel Waltz NO.7 Shen Ju Ren Lane NanJing

Our Company---Trillion Real Estate is one of the real estate consulting companies for Expats in Nanjing, focused on providing professional Residential Relocation Service to the expatriate communities and outsourcing relocation services for corporate HR departments. We are good at helping individual and corporate clients cut costs while getting projects ...
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Chinese name全联房地产

Nanjing Rental

Did you know that finding accommodation in China can be affected by many problems?

In 99% of cases the lease is drafted in chinese, which pose serious problems of understanding.

The quality of local housing differs greatly from the European standards for health:

  • Low isolation
  • ...
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Let's Get Happy Coaching

Let's Get Happy Coaching Professional life and career coaching available by phone or in person throughout Nanjing.

Do you feel that something is holding you back in your career, life or relationship? 

Sometimes reaching the right decision, setting appropriate goals or simply becoming motivated is too difficult to achieve on your own, everyone needs a ...
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#1402, Building 1, World Times Square, 8 Dongbao Lu

MTI For more than 20 years the Germany based company MTI has provided its high quality training and coaching services in China. In addition to the offices in Beijing and Shanghai, MTI in 2012 opened a new office in Nanjing from where our team supports companies of all sizes and branches.  MTI offers your workforces tailored solutions at every level tha ...
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Chinese address东宝路8号时代天地广场1幢1402室

Tattoo- guiwutang

Stone Road Southern Arts and Antique Market Backstreet Mizuki Qinhuai D-34, 2nd Floor,

Tattoo- guiwutang Summary:
Clean, professional, affordable, easy to find, and of course, excellent work.

Personal Referral:
I was the one who added this listing.
I did so because of the service I received.
The studio is clean. The artist is professional. And when he knew I would have trouble communicating, he brought in ...
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Chinese address石头城路南艺后街水木秦淮古玩市场2楼D-34

john eve

150 Rathton Road, York is your premier resource for community events. We are the only single destination website for organizations in communities across the globe to list events, sell tickets, process registrations, and fundraise. Find free and ticketed events f ...
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Telephone(717) 885-0195
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Nanjing Universal Translation Company

No. 95 Zhongshan North Road, Jiangsu Mansion #2112

This company offers 3 grades of translation services (common translations, pro-grade translations, and legal document-grade translations).

Languages to/from Chinese: English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, French. Rates from 130 RMB per 1,000 characters to 600 RMB.

Delivery service is available, documents may also be ...
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Chinese name南京五洲翻译有限公司
Chinese address南京市中山北路95号江苏议事园大厦2112

C & T Partners Law Firm

F4-5, 26 West Beijing Road, Nanjing 210042

C & T Partners Law Firm Ms. Hongye (Cindy) Zhang specializes in dealing with legal matters for foreign entities and individuals. Her services include: counseling for enterprises with foreign investment and domestic companies; incorporation of enterprises with foreign investment and their facility construction; M&A, equity transfer; contract law; IP & plant new variety ...
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Chinese name江苏世纪同仁律师事务所
Chinese address南京市北京西路26号4-5楼,邮编210024
Telephone025 8330 8603; (0) 139 0517 8367

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