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Best expat hospital in Nanjing

  • Written by Hello Nanjing
It's clean, English is spoken, and offers reliable health care that even English teachers and students can afford. Hello Nanjing checks out the 'grandiose' awesomeness of the BenQ (yes, the computer people) hospital. {typography box_white right=300px}

SOS International CLINIC is not a hospital. While the doctors there are excellent (and fun, friendly people) they simply do not have the full resources of a hospital available. Not to mention, if you don't work for a large multinational corporation with killer health insurance, you can't afford them.{/typography} {xtypo_dropcap}B{/xtypo_dropcap}enQ is a company best known for their computer products. It is very likely that at some point you have encountered their mice or monitors. However, their organization appears to be diversifying, as Nanjing now has its own BenQ hospital.

For those of you who have been to a typical Chinese hospital, it is likely that you have a few qualms. Questionable hygiene, the lack of private rooms to speak to your doctor, the lack of spoken English available, and sometimes lackluster medical care.

BenQ hospital

BenQ hospital shatters many previously held stereotypes of local hospitals. The lobby of this hospital can only be described as grandiose, huge ceilings, a grand piano that plays itself, clean, friendly staff, and everything is well marked and labeled. Maybe a little bit too well labeled in some cases. I took a a picture of a sign that said "urokinetic examination room" and "extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy room" thinking I had stumbled upon some hilarious Chinglish. Google informs me that these are actual words.  Sorry for doubting you BenQ.

BenQ Lobby Perhaps what is most amazing about this hospital is its emptiness. Granted, some parts are still under construction, so this may change later but the waiting times between registration (6 yuan) and seeing a doctor would put most Western Emergency rooms to shame. The doctors are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient with the fact that you don’t know the words “lumbar, spine, pinched, CT scan, and neurotropic vitamin” in Chinese. In fact, the doctors knew all of those words in English, which I found particularly helpful.

The hospital remains entrenched in the bureaucracy we’ve all come to love and hate. “Go to the pharmacy, get the anesthesia, bring it back here for your operation.” Not a big problem really, but one that Westerners are simply unaccustomed to. The pay as you go style of medical care may be frustrating when faced with enormous lines but as I mentioned, this particular hospital is wonderfully empty.

Thus, the process might work something like this: register, see doctor, pay for CT scan, get CT scan, wait for film to be developed, take film to doctor, etc. It sounds onerous, and it is, but when the entire process takes about an hour, how much can you really complain?

Long story short: if you’re living in Nanjing and don’t work for Siemens, you should probably look into BenQ for your medical care needs. It can be found directly above the Zhengshen subway stop (just before the Olympic Center).

Hospitals aren't books. Feel free to judge by their covers.
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