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Hello Nanjing interview with the Love Teams

  • Written by Elsie

At first glance Mr. Ding Cong comes across as a happy taxi driver for Nanjing’s Mochou Taxi Company. However, Mr. Ding has another passion; one for helping others in need, and his job provides him with a convenient way to do just that. For Mr. Ding is a member of the Love Teams. Hello Nanjing’s Elsie Xu caught up with Mr. Ding for a chat about what the Love Teams do.

HN: Tell us a little of the background to the Love Teams.

DC: The Jiangsu Traffic Network Love Team is the longest established team in Jiangsu, with more than fifteen years of history. But since then each taxi company has established its own love team one after the other. The number of love cars can be defined according to need from every area of Jiangsu province. There are more than twenty cars in Nanjing Love Team now. The Love Team organises compassionate activities and solves daily emergencies utilising the traffic network’s broadcast and communication facilities.

HN: I understand that you yourself are a member of two Love Teams in Nanjing.

DC: That’s right. As well as being a member of the Jiangsu Traffic Network Love Team I am also part of the Mochou Taxi Company’s Volunteer Team, a collaboration established by my company and the Nanjing Charity Foundation. This Love Team mainly services lonely elderly people and disabled or mentally handicapped children.

HN: What are the other main services provided by the Love Teams?

DC: A typical activity is visiting nursing homes to take lonely elderly people and disabled, mentally handicapped children for a ride around the time of important festivals, such as the Double Ninth Festival or Children's Day. We also provide a free shuttle service for needy students when they take their college entrance examinations. Then there are also some emergency situations. If people need help, they can contact the Jiangsu traffic network, and they will arrange the Love Team to solve their problems.

HN: We have heard many stories of the Love teams efforts. For example, you take the lonely elderly people for a spin. When a college student didn’t have enough money to take a taxi home, you reduced the taxi fare to help him. Please share with us some more stories of such kindness.

DC: Stories like this happen almost every day. In 2008 the snowstorm attacked Nanjing, and many examinees who came to Nanjing Arts Institute for the entrance exam from other cities were trapped in the airport. The whole team set off immediately and succeeded in helping them to attend the important exam. Also, one time in the north of Jiangsu province and the city of Wuxi, since the Love Team there was short of hands, when emergencies occurred we all drove there to help.

HN: It must be extremely hard that, and also for many years, you not only keep on doing your busy work for a living, but are also prepared for helping people in need.

DC: Indeed, the number of team members has decreased to about 20 from more than 30 during the last decade. Some members quit and have chosen to do other work. Anyway, in my opinion, the right attitude with a good mood is the most important. Since giving love is selfless, we should not think too much of repayment. Good people will eventually be rewarded; I always feel happy when helping others.

Ding Cong drives a Mochou Taxi Company car with the license plate number 苏A73018. If you happen to be in his cab one day, give him a big thumbs up from everyone at Hello Nanjing!

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