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World Cup week 3: Charity & Independence

  • Written by Bjoern
Thus far in Nanjing we have enjoyed three weeks of World Cup football amid packed crowds and a growing community spirit. As we prepare for the final weekend of World Cup action, Bjoern looks back at one of the most intense social weekends of the year. {xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he last weekend in Nanjing was really tough. Not only with the World Cup drawing big crowds all over Nanjing, there was also the Geoff Howe fundraiser and then the American Independence Day had to be celebrated as well – a massive package of events and definitely the most intense weekend this year so far.

The whole weekend “kicked off” with the fundraiser activities for Geoff Howe in the Sunglow Bay Area.

The response from the community was really good and a lot of items and bar tabs were donated for the auction. Beside some individuals, also My Place, Secco, Behind the Wall, Oktoberfest Brewery, Sichuan Sensations, Pada Bar, Blue Sky, Jinling Hotel, Studio 21 and the Sunflower Youth Hostel supported this charity event.

...the Shanghai Bashers were surprised by the lively and helpful crowd at the auction...Impressed by the efforts, a few of Geoff’s Basher colleagues came from Shanghai and gave a presentation about the current situation and Geoff's progress. They were quite surprised to find such a lively and helpful crowd in Nanjing and they say thank you to everybody who helped in any way.

While the “silent auction” was running all evening, the main items were auctioned live during the half-time break and after the game. It was a night full of fun and entertainment. Monkeynuts commented: “It was a great night. Haven’t had one of those ones for a while... highlights of the evening would be towards the end for me, with Sam's wise-cracks, tongues in belly buttons and waxing Jimmy. Thanks to all that came, donated and made it a memorable evening/morning”

Unfortunately, the Brazilian football team was not that fortunate and suffered from the Mick Jagger curse – every team that he supports end’s up flying home. 

Saturday July 3

The main topic on Saturday was again… the World Cup. I personally went to Secco with a few people and it was absolutely unbelievable. A huge crowd of Chinese people were hanging out, I guess more than 300 – all dressed up in German football jerseys with small little flags in their hands and face paint.

The atmosphere was awesome and after the first goal it turned into a big party. Fortunately Germany won…. an amazing result of 4:0. Argentina’s Maradonna was clearly depressed. I took the chance afterwards to have a little ride on my motorbike down Zhongshan Lu while my better half was holding the flag. A few Chinese drivers joined happily with their car horns.

The evening continued in Jimmy’s where the charity raffle took place. As there were a lot of prizes, a lot of people won something. The ones who have raffle tickets but have not been back to Jimmy’s yet should check with him and pick up their prizes eventually (not all telephone numbers were readable).

Sunday July 4

Sunday was a more relaxed day. I went to Pukou on the west side of the Yangtze River to spend some time at the Pearl Springs Holiday resort, a nice area to hang out for a day and the cleanest water you will find all over Nanjing.

In the evening, I went back to Jimmy's for a lazy hangout… yeah I know ;-) …but it’s my second home.

Sunday was the 4th of July and that means Independence Day for all the people from the US. Someone even managed to bring some fireworks, with which the evening finished.

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