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This is the best place in town to stock up on western comfort foods. In stock regularly are Pop-tarts, flour tortillas, a good selection of dried spices, cheeses, baking stuff, and a lot more. 
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bySando, June 19, 2013
but OHO. You can find a lot of goods that you miss and the big ones (even metro) don't have. As a plus their alcohol corner is quite cheap.
I liked most the sausage and cheese section downstairs which makes this a 5 stars for me!
byMateusz, August 26, 2011
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While it's a relatively small store compared to Carrefour, or any of the huge chain department stores, it has a lot packed inside (there's both an upstairs and downstairs), and it is focused entirely on foreign food. I was able to find plenty there that wasn't carried in any other place, like tortillas or baking powder. It was the only place I could find Tom's toothpaste (one of the few cruelty-free, as in no animal testing or ingredients, brands), also. The liquor selection is also far better than anywhere else I've seen. Over all, you can expect to pay a premium for imports, but it's not too expensive. Cocoa powder was cheaper there compared to the only other place I found it (cheaper by about a half), the baking supplies weren't too bad either. And since much of what they have is not carried elsewhere, it might be worth splurging for the things you miss from home. I'd strongly suggest at least checking it out, since if there's something in China you're wanting, but not able to find in the regular stores, Times likely will have it, from cereal, to spices, to liquor, to artificial sweetener.
Anything which can spoil has, and they will not refund your money.

A good place to buy--for example--picante sauce to be used as a high speed laxative.

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