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No.288, Ningli Lu, Yuhua Qu
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+86 (0)25 5240 8888
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Offering the largest selection of imported western foods in town, this shop also features higher prices than anywhere else and a member's only policy (although 'borrowing a member's card to swipe at the register is allowed).
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bySando, June 19, 2013
As a german i am very used to metro and i was surprised that you can buy in china without having to have a registered business. I came, saw, was surprised, spent a bunch of money and was lucky.
Visited the 300号 Jianning Rd, Xiaguan store but will also go to their store in 98号 Kazimen St, Yuhuatai.
While Xiaguan may not be the most likely of places to open a huge super market catering to western shoppers and restaurateurs, this Metro comes as advertised.

Anyways, they have a nice selection of home wares, you can get a decent large electric oven for 300 rmb (tomato is the brand). Sets of cheap to expensive silverware, dishes, glassware, etc. Metro has a great selection of wine and cheese. Better than average frozen food selection. Try the "Rio" frozen pizzas at 40 rmb a pop. One can also load up on great condiments from home. Fresh meat is above standard quality, some beautiful steaks with different cuts labeled in English.

Overall, a great place for new Nanjingers to stock up for the long haul. However, the casual shopper can frequently visit, as they have beautiful lookin fresh produce and meat etc. Kind of like the feeble Chinese copy of Costco stores in America.

Xiaguan Metro supermarket is conveniently located on 300 Jianning Lu (10-15 min cab from Xinjiekou, or many bus lines). Have to walk through a mall complex to the back where the store actually is. And it's super easy to get a day pass at the card front desk, or registration takes 1 minute with business card/address and name.
byBjoern, March 11, 2010
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Well, Metro is not really the place for a single to go shopping. They are more focused on "professional" shoppers, e.g. restaurant owners. Usually i go there every two month to buy large quantities of beer and soft drinks as i am not to keen on going shopping every day.

If you need to go to Decathlon (a good french sports store just accross) or Ikea it makes sense but taking a cab from downtown to there and pay relatively high prices is not that much of a good deal.

If you want to buy food there i recommend the Metro-own black pepper chicken McNuggets, a really good price for a 5kg back. And they have deep frozen pastry if you have an oven at home.

They also have a good selection of imported beef if you plan on a big steak party.

Getting a membership card is easy. Just bring a business card and they will issue one in a few minutes.
bylaowai89, January 6, 2010
Most of their imported foods can be found in other places downtown e.g. Walmart, Times Grocery - nice to have everything under one roof but it's toooooooooooooo far from downtown - 45 minutes by bus in good traffic from Xinjiekou and it's impossible to find a taxi (apart from the little 3-wheeled tuktuks) to go back into town. If it was centrally located or at least close to the subway I'd visit more often.

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