Ellen's Bar

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132-3 Guangzhou Lu
Chinese address
广州路132-3 (广州路和青岛路十字路口肯德基旁)
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9am until late
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Enjoy a lazy afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate or a night out with friends: Ellen's offers affordable food, quality drinks and a great atmosphere – Nanjing's hotspot for international students. Weekly specials:

* Mondays: free coffee all day
* Tuesdays: weekly raffle, 2 guys will win 20 free beers
* Wednesdays: 15 RMB glasses of wine
* Thursdays: open mic, 10 beers for the first 2 performers, 40 free beers for the crowd
* Fridays: five free yards of beer, self-serve until supplies last (starting from 7:30pm)
* Saturdays: kamikaze & tequila shots, 10 RMB each
* Sundays: 20 RMB hookahs all day

Another Ellen's location can be found at 75 Dingjia Qiao (near to Hunan Lu, and opposite Blue Gulf Cafe and Zhong Da Hospital)

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bySando, June 19, 2013
Cheap beer, careful service, allways full and 3 locations in nanjing beside the location in shanghai and the location in hangzhou.

Guǎngzhōu lù 132 -3

Zhōngshān běi lù 217

Běi mén qiáo 5
byBtaubenfeld, September 3, 2011
First bar I´ve visited out in Nanjing, and I had a blast. Great atmosphere!
Only debit is the food is not really that good, but for a bar, it's not bad and I've had worse.

Excellent selection of shisha and they let me bring my own hookah so I could smoke my own. They let me DJ a little which made me feel good.

I am still extremely new in town so this place made me feel welcome. I didn't feel like my name was Dollar Sign.
byNat, July 20, 2011
try the salads they are great and the pizza isn't too bad either.
byNat, July 20, 2011
I love ellens, the food, the cheap beer and the good vibe. only thing please, please fix the toilets!
byOtis, April 7, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
It's cheap and fun on crowded nights, but they don't serve draft beer, the toilets are horrible, and the food is not good at all, I think they use some low quality ingredients. But on the other hand the staff is good. But I wish they would serve draft beers.
byAlisa.Zou, March 31, 2011
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
it's cheap and awesome,love ellen's

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