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The Cave Singers are coming to town

  • Written by Jimmy Olsen
This Seattle-based band plays alternative folk that has been described as "soulful, creepy and alluring." HN's Jimmy Olsen speaks with Cave Singer guitarist Derek Fudesco ahead of their Nanjing performance at 61 House on Tues. Sept. 21.

I was introduced to Cave Singer lead gutarist Derek Fudesco via a marketing executive from Split Works, an event production company based out of Shanghai. Here is a snippet about the Cave singers, courtesy of Split Works:

"There is a touch of mystery surrounding the Seattle trio the Cave Singers. They never listened to much folk music, nor intended to play it. And guitarist Derek Fudesco had never even picked up a guitar until the 2007 disbandment of his previous project, Pretty Girls Make Graves (he was the bassist).

The Cave Singers sees Fudesco team up with vocalist Pete Quirk (formerly of post-punk band Hint Hint) and drummer Marty Lund (from new wave revivalists Cobra High). Somehow, this unlikely trio is writing and performing some of the most original, hypnotizing folk music out there today.

Maintaining that they never made a conscious effort to play a certain ‘style’ of music, it’s not completely arbitrary that some of their favorites -- the Replacements, the Pixies, Fleetwood Mac and Dylan reverberate within Cave Singers campfire, big-country rustic sound."


Jimmy Olsen: Are you still based in Seattle? What’s the music scene like there these days?

Derek Fudesco: Yeah, Seattle has a pretty large music scene for the size of the city. There are quite a few venues and something like 2000 bands.

Jimmy Olsen: I read a promo that you like to “sing about god and country.” Is that right? How would you describe your sound. What about the God stuff?

Derek Fudesco:
Na, I'm not sure where that came from. I like to describe our sound as a "power trio". I also like the term "god stuff"

Jimmy Olsen: Do you mind being compared to other bands?

Derek Fudesco:
We don't really get compared to other bands. In fact, I can't even think of one.

Jimmy Olsen: Have you played Asia before? How about China, is this your first time here?

Derek Fudesco:
Yes, but this is our first time to China.

Jimmy Olsen: What are you looking forward to while in China?

Derek Fudesco:
Pretty much everything. We have no idea what to expect, and feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity.

Jimmy Olsen: 61 House is a long narrow space, there’s seating on the sides and back, and a dance floor in front of the stage. In the best case, do you hope people are dancing, or do you go for a more chillout mood?

Derek Fudesco:
We are pretty upbeat live, so yeah, dancing is always the best case. But whatever people are feeling, no rules.

Jimmy Olsen: What do you know about Nanjing? What are you looking forward to here?

Derek Fudesco:
Only historical facts that I have been reading online since we got our itinerary.

Jimmy Olsen: Give a plug to get people wanting to come to your show.

Derek Fudesco:
We're pretty good.

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